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adam_strauss's Journal

16 March
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(hed)pe, 16volt, american nightmare, apartment 26, aphex twin, aquafina, at the gates, atari teenage riot, bane, blind identity, boy hits car, boyhitscar, break of dawn, busta rhymes, clint mansell, clockwork orange, cloves, coheed and cambria, conan o'brien, concerts, converge, djarum, drain sth, dredg, drumming, emperor, en esch, endo, everytime i die, fear factory, finger eleven, from autumn to ashes, front 242, fugazi, full metal jacket, funker vogt, glassjaw, god lives underwater, godsmack, godspeed you! black emperor, grand theft auto 3, gravity kills, half baked, hed pe, hopesfall, industrial music, jim breuer, kmfdm, lemonade, lords of acid, lostprophets, lunchables, marilyn manson, mario party, mastercraft decorators, matisyahu, mdfmk, mindless self indulgence, ministry, modest mouse, msi, mudvayne, music, nin, nine inch nails, norma jean, notorious b.i.g., office space, ohgr, our lady peace, penn & teller, pi the movie, pig, pitchshifter, prick, pringles, pugs, pulp fiction, radiohead, refused, requiem for a dream, reveille, robbie merrill, scooter, shai hulud, shannon larkin, sigur ros, sister machine gun, skinny puppy, skycamefalling, snake river conspiracy, snapcase, snoop dog, snot, soulfly, sour food, src, stabbing westward, standfast, strip mind, sully erna, taproot, the (international) noise conspiracy, the cure, the hope conspiracy, the o, the used, thermo spa, tommy stewart, tony rombola, tool, trent reznor, u2, velvet acid christ, video games, water, website creation, witchmoon, writing, wumpscut